Prototyping and testing

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The last two weeks I’ve focused on creating a prototype to display the daily exercise experience, the backbone of my concept and user testing it with teens. For this first prototype, I kept it very simple and created frames to support a specific scenario.

Planning an MVP

This week, I updated my journey map to better reflect the skeleton of the concept and created an MVP plan to prototype & test one aspect of the experience.

What is the most essential experience to test?

The backbone of my concept is the daily mental exercises, which challenges negative thoughts about our bodies & ourselves.

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By prototyping this experience, I’m looking to learn

  • What type of mirror makes sense? Does it have to be a physical full length? Could a self camera could opt in as a types of mirrors?
  • How much mental prep is needed before the exercise to build trust and make the person feel…

Mapping the journey & assessing for weaknesses

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My thesis is focusing on body image and through research, the challenge I’m addressing is — how to help teenage girls shape a resilient mindset around body acceptance?

Leading concept

The current concept iteration is, Reflect is a multi-modal app helping us change how we think about our bodies through daily exercises.

A reflection on the fall semester and the feeling the new semester brings

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With the new year, new semester, it’s time to reflect on the last semester and take a look at the time ahead and the last semester of grad school, yikes.

Reflecting the last 10 weeks

The fall semester was rocky! It took me a while to scope down the broad topic of women’s health to a topic specific enough but filled with opportunity, like body image. Once I was able to hone in on a topic, it sparked my drive.

In the 6 min final presentation I show an overview of the problem and the challenge I’m focused on —

How might we help teenage…

Fostering a positive body image


The last couple of weeks I was feeling lost and unconvinced by the direction my thesis project was going. As I reflected I traced back to the problem space and it was too broad so I knew I needed to scope down my topic or my user group demographic.

Scoping down

I looked back at my user interviews and found a topic that was threaded in most of my interviews. This topic was body image and the effect it has on how women see themselves and react to it. …

I’m feeling a bit lost. This week as our class started brainstorming solutions for our thesis projects and I’m struggling to come up with meaningful ideas. As I reflect back on my process so far and the insights I’ve gathered, it still feels a bit shallow. It doesn’t feel like the insights I’ve gathered are hard pain points that truly embodies struggles women face with their health. So I continue back looking at the problem statement and the people I’ve interviewed and easily spot that it stems from my problem statement, which is too broad.

So what to do?


Reflecting on this week’s presentation

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Last Tuesday I presented on the current state of my thesis — Women’s Health. The criteria included:

  • Problem statement
  • Desk research: femtech & competitive analysis
  • User interview insights
  • Value propositions
  • Basic brainstorming

With only 5 min to present, I focused on giving a high-level view of my process and insights so far, hopefully, giving crits enough information to provide thoughtful feedback.


The crits, Attia & Josephine gave a lot of feedback for me to noodle on. The high level takeaways are —

  • My current demographic is broad. I should scope down because there are different issues women face.
  • There’s a…

Gathering insights and finding direction

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Week 5

Gathering more insights

I had more conversations — one with a resident specializing in OB/GYN and a pregnant mother of a two year old. From these conversations as well as prior interviews, I was able to connect some dots and came up with some insights:

  • Don’t act until symptoms are severe
  • Think in the short term
  • Not many have a specialized doctor but when they do it’s a long and trusting relationship
  • Ask experienced friends for guidance

Value propositions

Based on the above insights, I came up with four value propositions.

  • Help form daily health habits
  • Prepare women for health changes
  • Easy access to resources

📈 Summary

For Thesis, I’m focused on women’s health because women are not informed about their health and there’s a lack of digestible resources to help them with varying health problems — reproductive, physical, and mental.

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I still don’t feel confident in scoping down my topic to focus only on one of the areas listed above. My goal is to do so within the next 1–2 weeks because it will help me better define my problem statement.

🤔 Assumptions

I chose this topic with the assumption that women need more ways to better understand and deal with problems around their bodies and health so…

The start of user research and defining personas

🥁 Chosen Topic

Last week I was between two topics — Women’s Health and Spreading of Misinformation and this week, I have to choose one to move forward with. I expected the choice to be more anxiety inducing but as I reflected between the two, I realized there was one topic I was more excited to talk to people about. So drumroll please!

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The winner for Chosen Topic is…Women’s Health!

🔍 Problem Statement

I’ve gone through various mild(ish) issues with my reproductive health and have felt alone and lost at times so I’m assuming there are other women who’ve felt the same.

What is the problem?

Liz Wang

MFA Interaction Design student at SVA

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